An adventure company located in the Belize District, Belize

AyinHa Adventures Limited (AyinHa)

AyinHa Adventures Limited (AyinHa) is an adventure company located in the Belize District, Belize, providing unique, authentic, luxury tours and travel experiences for a niche market of discriminating travelers (to include Belizean travelers, as well as foreign cruise and overnight travelers). AyinHa distinguishes itself as a luxury specialist by offering exceptional tour services, focused on high-end service delivery that anticipates the needs and desires of its clients. AyinHa utilizes a top-notch facility as its central base location (10 Miles Lemonal Road in the Belize River Valley), to include a restaurant, bar, gift shop, pool and room accommodations. It is an efficiently-run operation, managed by experienced professionals who genuinely enjoy providing exceptional service, and sharing the experience and product with visitors. AyinHa ensures superior quality experiences by maintaining excellent products and delivering high-quality services to every guest, every time. Lemonal is centrally located in the country, allowing for easy and convenient access to some of the country’s major attractions, making it an ideal destination for travelers.