Belize Lamanai Adventure Tour

The Ancient Mayan Temple of Lamanai is located along the river banks of The New River, Orange Walk District, Belize. Known as the longest continuously occupied site in all of MesoAmerica, Lamanai boast a wealth of history. Lamanai pronounced Lama’an/ayin means “submerged crododile.” The structures found at Lamanai are some of the oldest in Belize and many believe that this site was of moderate in size dated as early as 1500 BC. Some of the newer temples were occupied as recent as the 18th century AD. This means that Lamanai was occupied for a little over 3200 years! With an estimated population of about 34,000 . How impressive!! Lamanai’s trading over the boarders of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize. Today only 5% of the 800 buildings within the complex have been excavated and explored. Interesting fact about Lamanai: these temples were built in layers which suggest that successive populations would build upon the temples of their ancestors instead of destroying them. Some of the most famous temples are the Jaguar Temple, The Ball Court, The High Temple (El Castillo) and the Mask Temple.

  • Meet & Greet at Belize city location (local airstrip or water taxi terminal).
  • Ground transfers to Ayinha (35 – 45 minutes)– along the way your tour guide will point important landmarks.
  • Boat transfers from Ayinha trough Harry Jones Creek and onto the New River Lagoon. This is a magnificent view so make sure you take a photo of your surroundings (approximate 20 minutes).
  • Once at Lamanai, you will enjoy a full guided tour of the site, museum and sugar mill.
  • Belizean Lunch Buffett will be provided at AyinHa after the tour.
  • Transfers back to Belize City, Local Airstrip, or Water taxi.
  • Please Bring Along
  • Sturdy protective shoes, sunglasses, sun shade, sun block, bug spray, camera and if you like birds binoculars are a must

CRUISE SHIP VISITORS – Kindly contact your Shore Excursion Manager.  They will help you plan an unbelizable adventure with us.





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